[tor-bugs] #7075 [EFF-HTTPS Everywhere]: Automated reporting of buggy rulesets?

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Mon Jul 15 00:05:33 UTC 2013

#7075: Automated reporting of buggy rulesets?
 Reporter:  cypherpunks                                |          Owner:  zyan            
     Type:  enhancement                                |         Status:  assigned        
 Priority:  major                                      |      Milestone:  HTTPS-E 4 stable
Component:  EFF-HTTPS Everywhere                       |        Version:                  
 Keywords:  Suggestion, feedback, comment, Bug Report  |         Parent:                  
   Points:                                             |   Actualpoints:                  
Changes (by zyan):

  * owner:  pde => zyan
  * status:  new => assigned


 I made some progress on this today: https://github.com/diracdeltas/https-

 Now there's a dialog box that pops up on rule disables with a prompt to
 enter a comment about why the rule is broken. Then if the user clicks
 "ok", it sends a POST request to a server I set up with a python CGI
 script at http://zyan.scripts.mit.edu/submit_report/submit.py with a
 timestamp, the name of the rule, the comment, and the git commit ID for
 the rule (although this keeps showing up as undefined).

 My task list for this right now is (in the order that I plan to tackle

  * add browser and version of https-e to POST requests
  * add better, locale-specific text to the bug report dialog box
  * is there a bug in the commit ID fetching? (keeps returning undefined)
  * set up actual anonymization? or only if the user is using Tor?
  * add "enable bug reports" to preferences menu (on by default)
  * add helper text that explains how bug reports work
  * more permanent server infrastructure for receiving reports (eventually
 on eff.org)
  * bonus: make the "disable rule" feature more prominent

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