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Wed Jul 10 19:16:53 UTC 2013

#9114: Reorganize bundle directory structure for TBB 3.0
 Reporter:  mikeperry                 |          Owner:  brade   
     Type:  defect                    |         Status:  assigned
 Priority:  normal                    |      Milestone:          
Component:  Tor bundles/installation  |        Version:          
 Keywords:  tbb-3.0                   |         Parent:  #4234   
   Points:                            |   Actualpoints:          
Changes (by brade):

 * cc: erinn (added)


 The Firefox updater will need to be modified to update files above the
 updater itself (there does not seem to be a way to avoid that because of
 the need for the "start browser" program/scripts and -- presumably -- a
 desire to keep the Docs and sources directories at the top level).

 For the bundle directory structure, our proposal is to more closely align
 the platforms by changing the directory structure to be as follows:
 * All platforms will have a Tor directory which contains tor and its
 * All platforms will have a Data directory which contains two
 subdirectories:  Tor (for torrc, geoip, etc.) and profile (for browser
 profile settings, addons, etc.)
 * All platforms will have a Docs directory (ChangeLog.txt)
 * All platforms will have a sources directory (bundle.inputs and
 * Linux and Windows will have a "Browser" directory for Firefox and
 related files while Mac will keep the Contents/MacOS hierarchy it
 currently uses.

 Below is a "hierarchical" view.  (Lines ending with '>' are directories.)
 ** Windows / Linux **
 TBB >
    Start Tor Browser.exe / start-tor-browser
    Browser >
    Tor >
    Data >
    Docs >
    sources >

 ** Mac **
 TBB.app >
     Contents >
         MacOS >
             TorBrowser.app >
     Tor >
     Data >
     Docs >
     sources >

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