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Wed Jul 10 14:46:10 UTC 2013

#9235: Remove advertised bandwidth fraction graph data from Onionoo
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 How sad would people be if we removed the data that feeds the advertised
 bandwidth fraction graph, e.g., on:

 (yellow line)

 onionoo/#/relay/5498AFA3EFC5984DBE9F1F63E72EB291048393F9 (blue line)

 As one can see, that graph is already broken since July 7, which was not
 on purpose.  I know the reason why it's broken, but it's non-trivial to
 fix this.

 But this made me wonder: can we live without that graph line?  The
 description says: "If there were no bandwidth authorities, this fraction
 would be a very rough approximation of the probability of this relay to be
 selected by clients."  But there ''are'' bandwidth authorities, and the
 idea behind Onionoo is to provide actual network status data, not all
 sorts of other data for research purposes.  If we want to do research on
 this, we can always look at the descriptor tarballs.

 We could replace this graph line with the history of the relay to be
 selected for the middle position.  That data is already available in
 weights documents.

 I'm asking, because providing these data is kinda painful if we also want
 the Onionoo cronjob to run faster.  Not saying it's impossible to provide
 these data, but messy.  I'd like to avoid the mess if this graph line
 isn't essential for people.

 Feedback requested until a week from now, so July 17.  Thanks!

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