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#6676: Nuke ‘MyFamily’
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 Replying to [comment:3 arma]:
 > I think the strongest argument we're going to get here will come from
 Tariq's research on guard rotational vulnerabilities. He found that when
 guard rotation occurs, the bad guy is significantly more likely to get his
 relay chosen as your guard if you obey the family stuff than if you ignore
 it. The 'significantly' is because a lot of our really big relays are in
 families. So there's increased vulnerability right now in the passive (no
 compromise of big nodes) case. The question is which vulnerabilities are
 > I'm hoping to get good answers here once he finishes prepping the WPES
 paper/talk and moves on to the NDSS submission (or whatever venue is

 I talked to Tariq about this at Oakland, and he said that his analysis
 shows (counterintuitively) that taking away the Family concept actually
 doesn't change vulnerability to the above attacks much. That is, the
 'significantly' above is not actually significant.

 It would be interesting to have Aaron re-do the same calculation using his
 new TorPS simulator.

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