[tor-bugs] #9156 [BridgeDB]: BridgeDB: Users try to add obfsbridges to their normal TBB

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Wed Jul 3 15:58:17 UTC 2013

#9156: BridgeDB: Users try to add obfsbridges to their normal TBB
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Comment(by sysrqb):

 Replying to [comment:20 runa]:
 > Does PTTBB/Vidalia support bridges of the form "IP:port" (i.e. without
 "bridge" or "obfs2" in front)?

 So this goes back to:

 Replying to [comment:18 runa]:
 > I assume that users run into the first error more frequently than the
 second (i.e. they add "bridge obfs3 ...." to Vidalia because that's what
 bridges.tpo says they should do). If users should add "obfs3 ..." without
 "bridge" in front of it, then we need to specify that on the page - or
 stop giving out bridges in that format.

 If the only instruction we are providing right now is for Vidalia, I'm not
 sure if there's a good reason to tell the users to add "bridge ...." if
 that is invalid syntax. For the screenshot I removed the "bridge" keyword
 while I was testing, Vidalia expects either "ip:port" or "pt ip:port".
 We'll need to chat with mikeperry to see what format TorButton expects in
 TBB 3.0.

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