[tor-bugs] #8533 [Tor]: Improve instructions for how to run a testing Tor network

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Wed Jul 3 12:26:35 UTC 2013

#8533: Improve instructions for how to run a testing Tor network
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Comment(by robgjansen):

 I would change the Shadow part to the following:

 [https://github.com/shadow/shadow Shadow] is a network simulator that can
 run Tor through its Scallion plug-in. Although it's typically used for
 running load and performance tests on substantially larger Tor test
 networks than what's feasible with Chutney, it also makes for an excellent
 debugging tool since you can run completely deterministic experiments. A
 large Shadow network is on the size of thousands of instances of Tor, and
 you can run experiments out of the box using one of Shadow's several
 included scallion experiment configurations. Shadow can be run on any
 linux machine without root, and can also run on EC2 using a pre-configured
 image. Also, Shadow controls the time of the simulation with the effect
 that time consuming tests can be done more efficiently than in an ordinary
 testing network. The [https://github.com/shadow/shadow/wiki Shadow wiki]
 and [http://shadow.github.io/ Shadow website], are good places to get

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