[tor-bugs] #9156 [BridgeDB]: BridgeDB: Users try to add obfsbridges to their normal TBB

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Mon Jul 1 19:53:53 UTC 2013

#9156: BridgeDB: Users try to add obfsbridges to their normal TBB
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Comment(by runa):

 Replying to [comment:16 sysrqb]:
 > Replying to [comment:10 runa]:
 > > On bug9156_bridges.png, below the box with bridges, please add a
 description of what the user will see if she tries to add these to TBB and
 not PTTBB. After that, you can follow with the sentence about downloading
 > Ok, so you suggest moving the "This is the error message you see if you
 are using the TBB instead of the PTTBB" part so that it is before the "If
 you're not 100% sure you have the PTTBB, please download it now" part?
 > Right now, the third paragraph which contains the error message is
 supposed to be how the user knows if she is using the wrong bundle. If I
 understand your suggestion, this will become the first paragraph?

 Yes. The error message should be before the line about downloading PTTBB.

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