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Mon Jul 1 09:11:42 UTC 2013

#1991: Recognize poor guard performance and switch?
 Reporter:  arma                   |          Owner:          
     Type:  enhancement            |         Status:  assigned
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Component:  Analysis               |        Version:          
 Keywords:  performance roundtrip  |         Parent:  #2769   
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Changes (by arma):

 * cc: iang, tariq.ee (added)


 Adding Ian and Tariq since this is on-topic for them as well.

 It seems clear that we can only make this decision based on public global
 info (if we do it based on our observed performance from the guard, we
 open ourselves to attacks where a local adversary makes us switch our

 I'm not sure what the right statistic is for deciding that we're 'far
 enough' down the performance tail. Is it different when the guard set is 2
 guards rather than 3? How about 1 guard? Sounds like a generalizable
 research problem -- and one that would benefit from knowing how actual
 stats people approach these questions.

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