[tor-bugs] #2043 [Torflow]: soat with --target never ends?

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Sat Dec 31 01:24:11 UTC 2011

#2043: soat with --target never ends?
 Reporter:  arma     |          Owner:  mikeperry
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Comment(by aagbsn):

 I found at least one bug that was preventing progress from being made in
 --target mode.
 pickle.dump(FixedTargetHTTPTest) was failing because the attribute
 'compare_funcs' (introduced roughly 5 months ago, fwiw) contains
 references to instance methods.

 The fix/hack here resolves the pickle issue, and my soat appears to be
 making progress.

 p.s. is it right to use the default num_tests_per_node = 5 for --target
 mode? I set --pernode=1 to speed up the scan.

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