[tor-bugs] #4798 [Website]: Update docs/en/tor-hidden-service.wml with instructions for Win 7

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Fri Dec 30 02:33:25 UTC 2011

#4798: Update docs/en/tor-hidden-service.wml with instructions for Win 7
 Reporter:  runa         |          Owner:  phobos
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Comment(by Jacob):

 C:\Users has been the norm since Windows Vista, I believe. So I agree with
 the change. Note, however, that a trailing backslash does not work. It
 should instead be C:\Users\username\tor\hidden_service. If you use forward
 slashses, which have been legal in Windows for quite some time, the
 trailing slash can be used or omitted.

 I think something even shorter might be better. C:\tor\hidden_service
 would be just as good a place. Granted, anyone even looking at this page
 should be somewhat technologically inclined, so they can probably figure
 out where they want it on their own.

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