[tor-bugs] #4786 [Tor Relay]: Never downgrade cells from RELAY_EARLY to RELAY.

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Tue Dec 27 12:15:24 UTC 2011

#4786: Never downgrade cells from RELAY_EARLY to RELAY.
 Reporter:  nickm      |          Owner:                    
     Type:  defect     |         Status:  new               
 Priority:  normal     |      Milestone:  Tor: 0.2.3.x-final
Component:  Tor Relay  |        Version:                    
 Keywords:             |         Parent:                    
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Comment(by arma):

 Sounds good to me.

 To paraphrase, this plan is to let relay-early cells survive intact on v1
 connections, rather than changing them to relay cells which would now make
 the circuit get torn down if it includes an upgraded relay?

 Is this a change that should go into 0.2.2, even if the other prop110
 changes are going into 0.2.3?

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