[tor-bugs] #4784 [Tor Relay]: Exit enclave mode does not work

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#4784: Exit enclave mode does not work
 Reporter:  Pascal        |          Owner:               
     Type:  defect        |         Status:  new          
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Component:  Tor Relay     |        Version:  Tor:
 Keywords:  exit enclave  |         Parent:               
   Points:                |   Actualpoints:               
 I setup a web server at that shows you what IP
 address your tcp connection is coming from.  I am running two Tor nodes on
 that same IP address, Pascal0 and Pascal1, both with "ExitPolicy accept" in their config files before "ExitPolicy reject *:*".
 Accessing the web server via Tor shows the originating IP address as that
 of other Tor relays.  Tested with,, and  Both
 nodes appear to be passing other traffic correctly (averaging around
 25Mbps each right now).

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