[tor-bugs] #4769 [Torbutton]: browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl should be set to "false"

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Sat Dec 24 15:39:48 UTC 2011

#4769: browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl should be set to "false"
 Reporter:  cypherpunks  |          Owner:  mikeperry
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 Verified with TorButton v1.4.5.1 and TorBrowser v2.2.35-3 (Windows XP SP3)

 The about:config setting "browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl" [1] is set to true
 in TorBrowser, even after changing TorButton config to "Block disk and
 memory cache access during Tor" [2] and toggling Tor status (via.
 TorButton). Mozilla suggests that about:config setting to be "false" by
 default [1].

 I think this isn't such a big issue because TorButton does set both
 "network.http.use-cache" [3] and "browser.cache.disk.enable" [4] to false,
 which *should* mean "browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl" won't cache to disk,
 but even Mozilla seems to suggest it's wise to set all three to "false".

 [1] http://kb.mozillazine.org/Browser.cache.disk_cache_ssl

 [2] Note: Should the text not read: "... cache access during Tor use" vs.
 "... cache access during Tor"?

 [3] http://kb.mozillazine.org/Network.http.use-cache

 [4] http://kb.mozillazine.org/Browser.cache.disk.enable

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