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#4757: Tor issues (??) on Firefox 8.0.1, Mac OS X 10.7.2
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 Hello all,

 Until a few days ago, I was using TorButton on Firefox with no issues. I
 lack the technical knowledge to identify the precise problem, but
 following the most recent update TorButton ceased working. After then
 reading that TorButton is no longer recommended
 (https://www.torproject.org/torbutton/), I disabled it and installed TBB.

 Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get TBB working. Vidalia is working — I
 can connect to the Tor network with ease — however,
 (1) there is a significant lag between connection & TBB opening,
 (2) when TBB does open it polls for an extended period (from 2–7 minutes),
 (3) after which it reports that it cannot connect to check.torproject.com.

 Testing the settings produces a message that the Local HTTP Proxy is
 unreachable, and suggests that Polipo may not be running properly.
 Ostensibly, an auto-configuring version of Polipo is included in the
 bundle I downloaded & installed from the Tor site, yet this does not
 appear to be the case (or it is not working for some reason).

 If I then quit TBB, it will not launch again unless I then launch Firefox,
 but then close its window. At this point, TBB will launch… only to go
 through the cycle outlined above (nos. (1)–(3)).

 Manually configuring the proxy settings in Firefox (&/or TBB) to use Tor
 produces an error message: "Firefox is configured to use a proxy server
 that is refusing connections".

 [After spending the past 7 hours searching all over the web, and reading
 the documentation on the Tor site, the FAQs, & the old Wiki — along with
 the Help documentation in the Vidalia Control Panel — I remain at a
 complete loss. I am not sure whether there is a real issue or whether the
 problem is my own lack of technical knowledge, but any information
 whatsoever would be greatly appreciated].

 Mac OS X 10.7.2
 Firefox 8.0.1
 Vidalia 0.2.15
 Qt 4.6.2

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