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#4496: Create an IM bot that can send out software and documentation
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Comment(by runa):

 Replying to [comment:17 mazda]:
 > I've started to put some of the logic discussed above into code.
 > At this time I will start creating a design document/proposal. Most of
 the Google Docs API commands are figured out. Their Documentations are
 outdated, because the latest version of the API which is in python is in
 the "Labs".
 >  1. We have the XMPP bot which logs into gmail and waits for a command.
 >    * We need to define a list of commands and actions. I am using a
 switch statement, we can also turn it into a sql database.

 I think that a switch statement should be enough. We're not going to have
 that many commands.

 >  1. Maintain a copy of https://www.torproject.org/dist/torbrowser/ on
 gogole docs so we don't have to upload files for each request.

 Yep, just make sure you're always serving the latest copy of TBB.

 >    * We can rsync /torbrowser folder local and make zip files that
 include: tor-browser-LANGUAGE, short-manual-LANGUAGE and signature files.
 >    * Note: Do we need to checksum or sign the zip file aswell?

 I'm tempted to say no. The important thing is the signature of the TBB
 file, which will be inside the zip we send them.

 >  1. Rate Limiting
 >  * sql lite database with date, email,action fields, we are saving
 hashes of the emails for more privacy
 >  * We can define rate limiting features based on the hash and time-stamp
 information. For example, we only respond to a specific hash only once 3

 You want to respond with something (just not a package) to users who
 request packages more than once within three hours.

 >  * we can store other statistical data such as language of the tor-
 browser being shared.

 Data on the number of packages requested per day per language would be
 nice to have.

 > 4. Local Cache of Google Doc IDs, every-time we upload a file to Google
 Docs, we are given an ID in this format:

 What does this ID tell us? Do we need to save it?

 >   To test the Bot I have started with a test command which runs when you
 send it "test" command:python share.py runa.sandvik at gmail.com password

 What exactly does this command do? Does it start up a Tor bot with my
 personal account?

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