[tor-bugs] #4745 [Tor Relay]: Possible flaws in sockaddr validation in connection_handle_listener_read()

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Mon Dec 19 14:35:20 UTC 2011

#4745: Possible flaws in sockaddr validation in connection_handle_listener_read()
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   if (conn->socket_family == AF_INET || conn->socket_family == AF_INET6) {
     tor_addr_t addr;
     uint16_t port;
     if (check_sockaddr(remote, remotelen, LOG_INFO)<0) {
                "accept() returned a strange address; trying
       memset(addrbuf, 0, sizeof(addrbuf));
       if (getsockname(news, remote, &remotelen)<0) {
         int e = tor_socket_errno(news);
         log_warn(LD_NET, "getsockname() for new connection failed: %s",
       } else {
         if (check_sockaddr((struct sockaddr*)addrbuf, remotelen,
                               LOG_WARN) < 0) {
           log_warn(LD_NET,"Something's wrong with this conn. Closing
           return 0;

 If both `check_sockaddr()` '''and''' getsockname()` fail,  we continue
 with a corrupted '''remote''' (and sockaddr), instead of closing the
 socket and returning 0.

 I'm not sure if this is a bug, but it feels weird, since if the second
 `check_sockaddr() `fails, we close the socket and return 0, which is what
 I feel that should happen.

 I'm also not sure how someone can make both `check_sockaddr()` '''and'''
 getsockname()` fail, and I'm not sure how `remote` would have to look in
 this case or what would happen afterwards.

 All in all, is the validation here intended to be like this?

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