[tor-bugs] #4731 [Tor Bridge]: enabling full country name output for "status/clients-seen" (2-letter code already implemented)

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Sun Dec 18 13:40:26 UTC 2011

#4731: enabling full country name output for "status/clients-seen" (2-letter code
already implemented)
 Reporter:  skep         |          Owner:                  
     Type:  enhancement  |         Status:  new             
 Priority:  minor        |      Milestone:  Tor: unspecified
Component:  Tor Bridge   |        Version:                  
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Comment(by skep):

 Replying to [comment:1 nickm]:
 > This seems like feature-creep to me: it's something a controller could
 definitely do for itself.  Nonetheless, I'm not dead set against it if
 there's some reason it needs to be in Tor.
 > (Tor doesn't actually ship the maxmind db; we ship a compressed version
 that is likely to become even more compressed in the future.)

 Ok, I can see the creepy part in it, agreed. And yes, controllers could do
 the letter2name translation by him/herself, so I'm not really keen to have
 this feature implemented in tor itself. I just thought it might be easier
 for the eye.
 Anyway, if one think that this is just another step away from user-
 protection, feel free to close this ticket, no hard feelings :-)

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