[tor-bugs] #4736 [Vidalia]: Please add option to disable warnings about Tor version

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Sat Dec 17 18:10:38 UTC 2011

#4736: Please add option to disable warnings about Tor version
 Reporter:  T(A)ILS developers  |          Owner:  chiiph         
     Type:  enhancement         |         Status:  new            
 Priority:  normal              |      Milestone:                 
Component:  Vidalia             |        Version:  Vidalia: 0.2.15
 Keywords:                      |         Parent:                 
   Points:                      |   Actualpoints:                 

 in Tails we're patching Vidalia so that it does *not* warn the user about
 a Tor version it does not like: Tails has its own security warning system,
 and Vidalia's one advises users to perform upgrade actions that are not
 appropriate in the context of Tails.

 What would be perfect for us would be a boolean option that can be set in
 vidalia.conf, probably not settable through the UI. This option may be
 called doNotWarnAboutTorVersion or similar.

 For a Vidalia developper, it's probably a breeze to implement. Please tell
 us if you think you'll take the time to implement this, or if you consider
 reviewing / merging a patch from ours that would implement this feature,
 or whatever.

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