[tor-bugs] #4722 [TorBrowserButton]: Rearranging tabs broken with Torbutton 1.4.5

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Thu Dec 15 17:34:11 UTC 2011

#4722: Rearranging tabs broken with Torbutton 1.4.5
 Reporter:  cypherpunks       |          Owner:  mikeperry
     Type:  defect            |         Status:  new      
 Priority:  normal            |      Milestone:           
Component:  TorBrowserButton  |        Version:           
 Keywords:                    |         Parent:           
   Points:                    |   Actualpoints:           
 The tabs within Tor Browser can't be rearranged with Torbutton 1.4.5.
 While disabling external drag-and-drop is good (it prevents accidents
 where a sensitive Tor Browser tab is dropped and loaded in a non-Tor
 browser due to a mouse-slip), it should work internally.

 Steps to reproduce:
 1. Open n>1 tabs.
 2. Drag one of the tabs, drop at another position. The tab won't budge.

 Used software:
 Tor Browser Bundle 2.2.34-3
 HTTPS-Everywhere 1.2.1
 NoScript 2.2.3
 Torbutton 1.4.5

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