[tor-bugs] #4537 [Tor Directory Authority]: Make tor26 not v1 dir auth anymore?

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#4537: Make tor26 not v1 dir auth anymore?
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Comment(by rransom):

 Replying to [ticket:4537 arma]:
 > tor26 is getting clobbered by, among other things, the fact that it's
 the lone last v1 dir auth.
 > I think that means clients of certain versions (which ones?) still
 publish their v0 hidden service descriptor to it, and still try to fetch a
 v0 hidserv desc from it. Including all the circuit extends involved in
 doing those fetches privately.

 This is the reason tor26 is getting pounded.  The fact that it is also a
 v1 directory authority is not relevant.

 Only Tor 0.2.1.x and earlier still use the v0 hidden service directory
 protocol; Tor 0.2.1.x stable versions also try to use the v2 HS directory
 protocol, so breaking their v0 HS directory support shouldn't hurt them.
 Unfortunately, if we want to make clients stop extending circuits to tor26
 in order to use it as a v0 HS authority, we will need to change tor26's v3
 long-term identity key (so that clients will not be able to extend
 circuits over existing links to tor26).

 > We could take the 'v1' out of its stanza in config.c, in 0.2.2 and
 0.2.3. But, would that do much good?

 None at all.

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