[tor-bugs] #4696 [Tor Relay]: add OutboundBindInterface option to torrc

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Tue Dec 13 17:25:06 UTC 2011

#4696: add OutboundBindInterface option to torrc
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Comment(by mr-4):

 Replying to [comment:4 nickm]:
 > As for an appropriate interface on this, I'd suggest that instead of
 adding a new option, anybody who's interested in working on this should
 make it so that the options which specify a local address (*port,
 *bindaddress) can take interfaces too.  You'd want to require that the
 interfaces be wrapped in {} or <> or prefixed with $ or whatever is most
 usual to distinguish them from hostnames.
 Yep, makes sense - something like OutboundBindAddress ${eth0}:9050, or
 even ${eth0:1}:9050 in case where the specified interface has multiple IP
 addresses. This is indeed better than using a separate option for it.

 This could also be expanded further with wildcards, like ${eth0:*}:9050 or
 even ${eth*}:9050 to bind to the first IP address match on the specified
 interface, or, as in the 2nd example to bind to the first IP address found
 on the eth* interface (tried in order, like eth0, eth1 ...).

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