[tor-bugs] #4663 [Tor Client]: Tor proxy settings bypassed when proxy is down/broken

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Sat Dec 10 03:29:10 UTC 2011

#4663: Tor proxy settings bypassed when proxy is down/broken
    Reporter:  DasFox      |       Owner:  mikeperry
        Type:  defect      |      Status:  reopened 
    Priority:  major       |   Milestone:           
   Component:  Tor Client  |     Version:           
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Actualpoints:              |  

Comment(by mikeperry):

 Hrmm.. I just left my tor client sit for a while with the bogus proxy
 settings, and then when I came back to it, it was properly failing to make
 connections through the proxy, but it still wasn't alerting me to this
 fact. It was just failing circuits.

 Maybe there's just some delay before the SETCONF takes effect? Perhaps I
 still had non-proxied ORCONNs alive to my guard nodes that were being used
 for new circuits?

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