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Sat Dec 10 01:50:02 UTC 2011

#4663: Tor Browser Bundle Linux - Vidalia - Proxy Settings Getting By Passed
    Reporter:  DasFox       |       Owner:  mikeperry
        Type:  defect       |      Status:  closed   
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   Component:  Tor Browser  |     Version:           
  Resolution:  invalid      |    Keywords:  Proxy    
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Comment(by DasFox):


 I used a proxy for testing purposes that can't be used with Tor like this,
 sorry for not explaining this, looking back I thought I did, that is why I
 picked it to test and show this problem.

 So the points now are;

 1. Proxy is not usable, so in Vidalia - Settings - Network, when you check
 mark it, 'I use a proxy to access the internet', and there's a problem
 with the proxy Tor should not be bypassing it.

 2. If you just placed something in the Vidalia - Settings - Network - I
 use a proxy to access the internet and have that check marked, but it's
 just to test this and make up anything you like and not even have an
 active proxy working like.

 test.proxy.com 8080

 And then start Tor, well guess what? Tor starts and this shouldn't be
 happening either is what I'm trying to point out.

 Go ahead and try this, make up a fake proxy and watch Tor go online.

 As I mentioned before when you are saying to Tor I want to access through
 a proxy and there's a problem Tor should stop, give you a popup message
 and not just go online...

 Think about it like this, in Firefox if we use the 'Manual proxy
 configuration' and it doesn't work, is Firefox by passing this and going
 online? No...

 I've never seen any network types of applications that have proxy settings
 and if there's a problem by pass it and still connect...

 The whole point is, the end-user has a need for this and not to go online
 without it and by pass it...

 I hope this is clear now and I hope the Tor team will fix this...


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