[tor-bugs] #4688 [Tor Relay]: control-spec doesn't specify rounding for status/clients-seen

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#4688: control-spec doesn't specify rounding for status/clients-seen
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 10:38 < skep> hello, i have a question about a specific torbridge command.
 If I use the "GETINFO status/clients-seen" (via telnet) I get a
 CountrySummary. So far so good..but why are the numbers there only in
 steps of 8? I looked through the documentation, but can't figure it out..
 10:44 < atagar> skep: iirc status/clients-seen provides just daily counts
 and might also rounding the results (if the later's the case then I don't
 recall the reasoning for it and it's a bug that it's missing from the
 10:46 < skep> I guess i will look into the code..maybe i can figure it out
 why only in such steps..thanks anyway
 10:46 < wseltzer> skep: see metrics.torproject.org/papers/wecsr10.pdf for
 the rationale
 10:46 < skep> ah..thanks
 10:46 < wseltzer> there's a concern that precise numbers could deanonymize

 I'll need to think some more about if I agree that the fuzzing is useful
 here or not. Arm provides this metric too without fuzzing or the daily
 aggregation since I both didn't see the harm nor know that tor did this.

 Cheers! -Damian

 PS. The reason for me to get the metric myself rather than use GETINFO is
 that status/clients-seen only works for bridges, not fuzzing.

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