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#3587: Accounting should work with pluggable transports
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Comment(by asn):

 Replying to [comment:5 nickm]:
 > > Our current answer is doing accounting and rate-limiting directly on
 the pluggable transport proxy binary
 > Yup.  I think this will have to do for 0.2.3.x.
 > > My suggestion would be to have tor using the Extended OR Port transmit
 real-time accounting/rate-limiting information to the proxy. IIRC you
 don't like the idea of the Extended OR Port maintaining a continuous
 relationship with the proxy, and you want the Extended OR Port restricted
 to carrying data after the initial negotiation.
 > This would definitely need specification.


 > I think the right way to do it, if we need continuous feedback between
 the plugin and Tor, is to have the Extended OR port's role here be limited
 to establishing an identifier for each connection, so that Tor can tell
 the plugin about connections out-of-band.

 How much out-of-band are you thinking of? Do you mean an extra Tor port,
 which will only be used to transfer information between Tor and the plugin
 based on the identifiers negotiated through Extended OR port?

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