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#4511: Download page lacks anchors for direct links to the various sections
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Comment(by jmtodaro):

 Replying to [comment:5 phobos]:
 > It sounds like an answer here is to leave easy-download alone and un-
 javascript the auto-OS detection for the full download page
 (download.wml). This allows us to add in anchors for the various sections
 on the full download page. All of this is worth an experiment to try
 positioning of the donation widget versus the section navigation widget.

 Actually, os detection was removed from the full download page ages ago,
 after easy-download went live. What is preventing the anchors from working
 properly is the accordion menu.

 This is how it works: When the page initially loads, all sections are open
 and this is what users without javascript see, this is the fallback. If
 javascript IS enabled, the accordion menu functionality then kicks in, and
 the sections automatically collapse. All of this happens before you
 actually see the page.

 Unfortunately, when visiting the page via an anchored link, it moves to
 the section location relative to the full uncollapsed menu. Then when
 javascript kicks in and collapses the rest of the sections, the section
 you expect to see moves up, but the viewport stays in the same spot so you
 end up somewhere in the list of warnings rather than the expected section.
 I've already tried various hacks to make this work correctly, without

 My thoughts (as illustrated in the full download preview) are that we
 should get rid of the accordion functionality altogether, and just use a
 side or top navigation of some sort. This would be a lot more intuitive
 anyway, I think.

 This page serves a slightly different role now than it did when the
 accordion was implemented. I no longer feel that it is the appropriate
 solution for this page. Properly working anchor links would just be an
 added bonus in this case, really.

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