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#4634: Need a VM to set up web log analysis tools
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 As part of #4463, I'd like to have AWStats and Webalizer set up on a VM.
 They are both available in Debian and easy to set up. The 2010 logs are
 already sanitized, so we'll start with those. I'm thinking that
 stats.tpo/awstats and stats.tpo/webalizer will look nice.

 Karsten is setting up a VM that sanitizes logs (so that we can include
 2011 logs etc). Here's his plan for how everything's going to work:

 The connection to the sanitizing VM will be a cronjob rsync'ing the
 sanitized logs as you find them in the tarballs. Both the AWStats and the
 Webalizer setup should be able to handle adding new sanitized log files
 and removing files older than, say, one week. We'll probably want to keep
 back the logs from a given day until that day is over (the sorting doesn't
 make much sense if we're sorting requests from just a few hours), so files
 shouldn't change once you get them.

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