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#4463: Set up web log analysis tool
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Comment(by runa):

 Replying to [comment:9 karsten]:
 > Replying to [comment:8 runa]:
 > > Cool, can you make the results available?
 > How would I do that?  I don't think the results are written to static
 HTML files, are they?  Can I send you a tarball of some directory (that
 you're going to tell me), and you make the shiny stats available?

 No static HTML as far as I know. You'd need to run apache2 on the same
 host. If you can create a tarball of the following directories (I don't
 think all of them are necessary, but hey), I'll make the stats available
 on the EC2 server:


 > > That means we have two options; AWStats and Webalizer. Which one's
 your favorite? Or should we roll our own solution?
 > Can we run both?  I don't know if we'll run into problems with the daily
 (?) updates once we have them.  I'm waiting for our VM server to return,
 and then I'm going to set up the sanitizing code.  The next step will be
 to set up a VM with AWStats and/or Webalizer.  I could imagine we might
 run into other problems then, so I'd rather not want to exclude either of
 the two tools yet.

 I don't see a problem with running both, so yes. A lot of people run both
 because they like something from AWStats that isn't available in Webalizer
 and vice versa. Should we set up the web log analysis tools on the same VM
 as the one sanitizing the logs, or should we get a new one?

 > If we can avoid it, let's avoid writing something ourselves at this

 I agree.

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