[tor-bugs] #3879 [Torbutton]: Frames broken in Iceweasel (aka Firefox) 6.0-4+

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Wed Aug 31 15:27:47 UTC 2011

#3879: Frames broken in Iceweasel (aka Firefox) 6.0-4+
 Reporter:  cypherpunks  |          Owner:  mikeperry     
     Type:  defect       |         Status:  new           
 Priority:  normal       |      Milestone:                
Component:  Torbutton    |        Version:  Torbutton: 1.4
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 Since I've updated to Iceweasel 6.0-4 and subsequently 7.0~b2-1 ("b2"
 stands for "beta 2") the Torbutton add-on (1.4.1) is breaking the frame
 system. Reproducible with (e.g.) [0] (other pages with frames, I'm using,
 are behind logins and thus no good public examples ;)). Instead of loading
 the e-mail's content in the lower frame, a new tab/window (depending on
 your settings) is opened. Disabling Torbutton works around this bug.

 Iceweasel 6.0-2 was the last known working version. Iceweasel is the same
 as Firefox, just the name was changed due to Mozilla making much ado about
 nothing. The Debian revisions (e.g. "-2" or "-4") indicate updates to the
 packaging and sometimes the inclusion of upstream commits/patches, for
 details about what changed, see [1].

 [0] <http://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.video.mesa3d.devel>

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