[tor-bugs] #3876 [Tor Relay]: Simplify format_win_commandline_argument() implementation.

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Wed Aug 31 00:27:03 UTC 2011

#3876: Simplify format_win_commandline_argument() implementation.
 Reporter:  nickm      |          Owner:  sjmurdoch         
     Type:  defect     |         Status:  new               
 Priority:  normal     |      Milestone:  Tor: 0.2.3.x-final
Component:  Tor Relay  |        Version:                    
 Keywords:             |         Parent:                    
   Points:             |   Actualpoints:                    
 In format_win_commandline_argument(), it would be neat to skip the
 business of building a smartlist of char*, and just pre-allocate a
 guaranteed-to-be-long-enough string -- I think that strlen(arg)*2 + 3
 would be long enough, since each character in the input turns into at most
 2 characters in the output, and there are at most 3 characters of
 overhead: 1 for the nul-terminator, 2 for quotes.

 This would actually use less RAM, since it only needs to allocate ~2 bytes
 per character, as opposed to 4 or 8 bytes per char*.  Not that it matters
 -- we don't allocate a lot of these.

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