[tor-bugs] #3871 [TorDNSEL/TorBEL]: TorBulkExitList.py is offline due to excessive load

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Tue Aug 30 23:21:35 UTC 2011

#3871: TorBulkExitList.py is offline due to excessive load
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Component:  TorDNSEL/TorBEL  |        Version:     
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Comment(by arma):

 Speaking of which, we could use some help making that new bulkexitlist
 script. Basically, there are two inputs: 1) A text file mapping
 fingerprints to exit IP addresses, and 2) A set of relay descriptors that
 include fingerprint and exit policy.

 You can get item "2" from just running a Tor client and having it fetch
 the descriptors over time. Item "1" is exported by TorDNSEl, and it's
 available at some url somewhere. But I can never remember which one it is.
 Anybody know?

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