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Mon Aug 29 18:29:56 UTC 2011

#3827: torbrowser lacks changelog
 Reporter:  phobos       |          Owner:  mikeperry                    
     Type:  defect       |         Status:  new                          
 Priority:  major        |      Milestone:  TorBrowserBundle 2.2.x-stable
Component:  Tor Browser  |        Version:                               
 Keywords:               |         Parent:                               
   Points:               |   Actualpoints:                               

Comment(by erinn):

 Well, who are the changelogs for? I think the answer to that helps decide
 the format. Changelogs for developers are way different from changelogs
 for users. I'd been using the git repo as a 'dev changelog', and leaving
 only obvious high-level changes in the README/changelog in the bundle

 I'm happy to add more detail though. But in the case of prefs.js changes,
 which are actually mikeperry-driven (usually), and other such things, I
 think we should adopt a tor-repo-esque situation where if someone
 contributes a change, they also contribute a well-summarized changes file.

 As for the patches, those are documented within the patches themselves,
 and that is the appropriate place according to the HACKING doc in
 torbrowser.git/maint-2.2. And with past releases, I think we should begin
 relatively "new" with maint-2.2, go through and look through git commits &
 the changelog itself, and flesh out the missing pieces in a doc that is
 not HACKING, but something more appropriately named (not changelog.omnibus
 either, but... well, maybe!)

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