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#3852: allow 'selective' DNS resolution using particular DNS server(s) with tor
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 I use tor's internal DNS resolution scheme a lot on a machine on which I
 have a host of other applications, including a BT client.

 The issue I am continually facing, however, is that I constantly run
 across a group of trackers, on which I cannot resolve/use name->ip address
 resolution unless the request is addressed to a particular set of DNS
 server or servers (OpenDNS is a prime example of this).

 Currently, there is no way I could 'force' tor to use a particular set of
 DNS servers for address resolution of a particular host or hosts.

 It would be nice if I could add an option in torrc, similar to the '.exit'
 address mapping, but made for dns resolution. A simple example would be

 MapDNS tracker.ccc.de.

 In the above example when a dns request is received by tor for
 'tracker.ccc.de', this request is then 'redirected' (probably via exit
 node, which would be, I assume, different most of the time) for dns
 resolution to (OpenDNS) and then when a response is
 received it is then passed on to the requesting application.

 I don't pretend to know the tor inner workings and can't judge whether the
 above is doable or not, but it would be nice to specify a particular set
 of DNS server (or servers) to be used for dns resolution for a particular
 name(s), thus avoiding the problem I described above.

 Many thanks!

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