[tor-bugs] #3843 [Tor bundles/installation]: Linux TBB: Vidalia + "controlport auto" = missing port.conf file

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Sun Aug 28 23:55:22 UTC 2011

#3843: Linux TBB: Vidalia + "controlport auto" = missing port.conf file
 Reporter:  arma                      |          Owner:  erinn
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Component:  Tor bundles/installation  |        Version:       
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 I started Linux TBB 1.1.14-dev 64-bit. It worked fine.

 I went to Vidalia's advanced window, and clicked "Configure ControlPort
 automatically". Then I exited TBB and restarted it.

 Vidalia pops up a complaint window after a few seconds:
 Vidalia can't find out how to talk to Tor because it can't access this
 file: /port.conf

 Here's the last error message:
 No such file or directory

 I see that we just closed #2264 ("dynamically choose available Tor ports
 in TBB"), so I figured I should report this.

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