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Sun Aug 28 10:24:47 UTC 2011

#3792: TBB takes too long to start up
 Reporter:  phobos                    |          Owner:  karsten 
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Comment(by arma):

 Replying to [comment:8 mo]:
 > I'm thinking about writing and maintaining a small, OS specific launcher
 that starts all three processes in parallel and waits for their successful
 start. I could hide the windows of all three processes until Tor has
 finished bootstrapping.

 How do you know when Tor has finished bootstrapping?

 The current situation is that Vidalia picks a control password for Tor,
 then launches Tor configured to use that control password. Then Vidalia is
 able to attach to the running Tor program.

 The new situation with TBB is that Vidalia also launches Firefox with an
 env var that Torbutton can read to learn the control password that Vidalia

 So if we wanted to to launch everything independently, we would want the
 launcher to pick a control password, and then build a way for it to tell
 Vidalia what control password it picked.

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