[tor-bugs] #2824 [Tor bundles/installation]: Make Linux TBB not fail in a non-obvious manner when run as root

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Fri Aug 26 04:42:20 UTC 2011

#2824: Make Linux TBB not fail in a non-obvious manner when run as root
 Reporter:  rransom                   |          Owner:  erinn       
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Comment(by rransom):

 Some actual data on what shell-script-GUI programs `complain` can use:

  * The last time I set up a FreeBSD system, the `xorg` meta-port defaulted
 to bringing in `xmessage`.  TBB would not be usable on a FreeBSD system
 with only `xorg` installed, but it is possible to make TBB run on FreeBSD
 without installing `zenity` or `gxmessage`.
  * My default installation of Debian Squeeze from the net-install disk
 came with both `zenity` and `xmessage`, but not `gxmessage`.
  * `debian-live-6.0.1-i386-{gnome,lxde,xfce}-desktop.iso` have `zenity`,
 but not `xmessage` or `gxmessage`.  `debian-live-6.0.1-i386-kde-
 desktop.iso` has none of those three; I'm about to boot it and find out
 (a) what package `kdialog` lives in, if it still exists, and (b) how to
 use it.
  * Arch Linux is probably hopeless -- many window manager packages that I
 remember installing when I was an Arch user didn't pull in any
 `xmessage`-like program as a dependency, and the 'desktop environments'
 seem less popular among Arch users than minimalistic environments based on
 exotic WMs.
  * Gentoo is probably hopeless, too, although `xmessage` ''might'' be
 commonly installed on Gentoo systems with X.

 Can anyone check to see what various default installations/configurations
 (with X and Gtk installed, of course) of the current versions of Fedora
 and CentOS include?  Are there any other distributions we should care

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