[tor-bugs] #1705 [Tor bundles/installation]: Create split packages for the linux & OSX browser bundles

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#1705: Create split packages for the linux & OSX browser bundles
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Comment(by rransom):

 Replying to [comment:5 rransom]:
 > The Linux TBBs are currently too large for even GMail users to obtain
 using GetTor.

 They can be reduced to 17.7 MiB by switching from `gzip` to `xz` with its
 default compression level, or to 17.4 MiB using `xz -9`.  I'm not sure we
 want to do that; `xz` would be far more resource-intensive on the build
 servers, its file format is specified only by a single implementation, and
 I doubt that it is as well-audited as `gzip`/`zlib` are now.

 `bzip2` was not effective enough (`bzip2` and `bzip2 -9` only reduced the
 bundle to 22.1 MiB).

 > Unfortunately, creating split packages for Linux and Mac will be harder
 than creating split packages for Windows -- I am not aware of any GUI
 software to un-split archives on Linux, so we would probably need to
 create our own split/join tools.

 We should write split/join tools for Windows, too -- we currently use
 WinRAR there, and ship WinRAR binaries.  See #3800.

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