[tor-bugs] #2900 [Tor bundles/installation]: Firefox 4 Tor Browser Bundle does not start on CentOS 5.6 (64Bit)

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Wed Aug 24 19:18:51 UTC 2011

#2900: Firefox 4 Tor Browser Bundle does not start on CentOS 5.6 (64Bit)
 Reporter:  tagnaq                    |          Owner:  erinn
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Comment(by rransom):

 Replying to [comment:4 erinn]:
 > Maybe we can just ship the "correct" libstdc++ along with our other
 libs?: http://wiki.centos.org/TipsAndTricks/Firefox4onCentOS5
 > Seems a bit icky to me, but it might work. I will test it in a VM.

 The error message tagnaq posted appears to be a Gtk version
 incompatibility, not an incompatibility with the system's version of
 `libstdc++`.  I would be very surprised if shipping `libstdc++` in the
 bundle helped.

 > I'm not convinced we should ship all libs ever that Firefox depends on.
 Being able to run Firefox at all is a prerequisite of TBB, but that's less
 of an obvious hard line when there are multiple versions of Firefox
 floating around. Having Thandy get to a point where it is able to detect
 and download the correct libs on an as-needed basis sounds nice, but
 making all of the libs in such a way that we feel comfortable guaranteeing
 them is a different story.

 One option is to explicitly drop support for CentOS/RHEL.  On the other
 hand, using system shared libraries when they are available is a security
 hole for some people (e.g. it's easier for Red Flag Linux to mess with TBB
 if TBB loads attacker-supplied Gtk libraries than if the attacker has to
 know how to dig around in TBB's memory to find out what the user is
 doing), so it would be helpful to have Thandy be able to grab all of the
 libraries TBB needs.

 It is a hard, ugly problem, though.

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