[tor-bugs] #1517 [TorBrowserButton]: Provide JS with reduced time precision (was: Tor Browser should provide JS with reduced time precision)

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Wed Aug 24 03:05:47 UTC 2011

#1517: Provide JS with reduced time precision
 Reporter:  mikeperry         |          Owner:       
     Type:  enhancement       |         Status:  new  
 Priority:  major             |      Milestone:       
Component:  TorBrowserButton  |        Version:       
 Keywords:                    |         Parent:  #3059
   Points:  10                |   Actualpoints:       
Changes (by mikeperry):

  * points:  16 => 10
  * component:  Tor Browser => TorBrowserButton


 Some notes here:

 Clamping does not help us. It is specific to

 DOMWorkers also have their own SetTimeout functions.

 There are several different DOM events, each with their own implementation
 of the timeStamp field. They do not share a common implementation.

 I think that if we're going to do it in the browser, we pretty much have
 to patch PR_Now(), or alter the code in about a couple dozen different
 places. It will be a big patch that is sure to generate conflicts...

 We'll also want to allow actual animations to have high-res timing (so
 they don't get jerky), but we'll need to specially handle the JS
 interface: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/DOM/event/AnimationEvent

 I think we need to stay in JS land for this one. I'm going to guess that
 in JS-land, this will take a couple of days to repeatedly experiment with
 and test.

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