[tor-bugs] #2900 [Tor bundles/installation]: Firefox 4 Tor Browser Bundle does not start on CentOS 5.6 (64Bit)

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Tue Aug 23 23:19:46 UTC 2011

#2900: Firefox 4 Tor Browser Bundle does not start on CentOS 5.6 (64Bit)
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Comment(by rransom):

 This is probably a result of dynamically linking Firefox/libxul to
 whatever libgtk-2.0.so.0 is installed on the host system.  libxul.so is
 already 14.7 MiB in the Firefox 6 TBB for Linux; we do not have room to
 add Gtk to the current bundles.

 Here are the options I see:

  * Implement and deploy Thandy, and have it install our own Gtk.  This
 will waste more disk space (and initial download bandwidth) on systems
 running non-antique distributions, ''unless'' we automagically detect
 whether a suitable Gtk is installed already and only grab another one if
 that's not good enough.  That, in turn, leaks some information about where
 a TBB has been used/installed on a TBB kept on a USB stick.
  * Replace Vidalia with something that uses Gtk, and include Gtk in the
 bundle.  This would probably cost ''way'' too much developer time, would
 still waste space in the bundle on non-antique distros, and would probably
 make the bundle even bigger than it is now with Qt shipped in it.

 Any other ideas?

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