[tor-bugs] #3778 [Tor Client]: EntryGuardDownSince/UnreachableSince state lines are unnecessary?

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#3778: EntryGuardDownSince/UnreachableSince state lines are unnecessary?
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 When we first added the guard relay design, we needed to discard guards
 that hadn't been listed for a while, so they didn't clutter up our state
 file forever. We chose ENTRY_GUARD_REMOVE_AFTER (30*24*60*60), and we do
 the deed in remove_dead_entry_guards().

 But later we realized that for load balancing purposes we need to discard
 guards after a month or two whether they've been down or not. See
 date_is_bad in remove_obsolete_entry_guards().

 I suspect the latter is good enough, and we can get rid of the former
 logic. I think that might even include getting rid of the lines in the
 state file, since we no longer need to track long-term downness of guards.

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