[tor-bugs] #3739 [TorBrowserButton]: SafeCache policy likely fails for https->http CORS (and reverse)

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Fri Aug 19 17:33:13 UTC 2011

#3739: SafeCache policy likely fails for https->http CORS (and reverse)
 Reporter:  mikeperry                   |          Owner:  mikeperry                    
     Type:  defect                      |         Status:  new                          
 Priority:  major                       |      Milestone:  TorBrowserBundle 2.2.x-stable
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 Keywords:  MikePerryIteration20110828  |         Parent:                               
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Comment(by gk):

 I have not had time to comment on ticket 3665 but I would not recommend
 you to use the Referer as a fallback if using notificationCallbacks is
 futile. There are scenarios where that does not help either (I encountered
 one during my tests of our preliminary defense against HTTP Auth tracking
 that uses as well notificationCallbacks to get the associated window of a
 request/response and if none is available (or getting the window out of it
 failed) I tried to get the Referer. I got one but that did not trigger the
 separation logic...). Rather, I would suggest using getOriginatingURI()
 available via nsICookiePermission and implemented by
 @nozilla.org/cookie/permission;1. That solved the problems I had and will
 probably not affect https -> http transitions. Maybe that's the silver
 bullet we are looking for here. Or it may open new corner cases...

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