[tor-bugs] #1983 [Tor Relay]: Port tor-fw-helper to Windows

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Fri Aug 19 17:19:38 UTC 2011

#1983: Port tor-fw-helper to Windows
 Reporter:  ioerror      |          Owner:                    
     Type:  enhancement  |         Status:  needs_review      
 Priority:  major        |      Milestone:  Tor: 0.2.3.x-final
Component:  Tor Relay    |        Version:  Tor: unspecified  
 Keywords:               |         Parent:  #1775             
   Points:               |   Actualpoints:                    

Comment(by nickm):

 So the easiest fix for the the configure.in issue is to look at the trick
 we already do for libevent, where TOR_LIB_WS32 is defined conditionally if
 we're building for win32.  I've pushed a patch to branch bug1983-port-tor-
 fw-helper-to-windows on my own public repository; it's not tested, but
 it'll probably work (or work with a little tweaking).  Other than that,
 the patch looks fine to me.

 The search path issue is downright ugly ; nearly all of our TOR_SEARCH_LIB
 macros need revision or replacement.  It's orthogonal to this work,
 though, so I think we're in the  clear.

 The getaddrinfo issue looks like we're somehow building or linking or
 declaring in a way that mingw wasn't expecting, but knows how to work
 around.  It's not pretty; we should fix it; but it's not IMO a showstopper
 for now.  See http://www.delorie.com/gnu/docs/binutils/ld_4.html for a
 little info on --enable-stdcall-fixup and what it's doing.

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