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Mon Aug 15 20:07:05 UTC 2011

#3738: weird behavior in Vidalia 0.2.13
 Reporter:  erinn    |          Owner:  chiiph
     Type:  defect   |         Status:  new   
 Priority:  blocker  |      Milestone:        
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 I began making Vidalia bundles for the 0.2.13 release. After removing my
 ~/.tor and ~/Library/Vidalia directories, I installed and ran the new
 bundle (while running TBB, to make sure the new port selection stuff
 worked) and had a few different issues which I'll list below and which may
 all need to be separated into different bugs (for which this could become
 the parent bug):

 1. Vidalia complains it can't find /Users/erinn/.tor/port.conf and stops
 loading. I dismiss this and tell it to start again, which it does with no

 2. Vidalia then tells me it wants to authenticate to a running Vidalia
 process (from TBB) which I also dismiss.

 3. Vidalia's main screen says it is authenticating to Tor, while its
 Message Log indicates that it has actually successfully connected. The OS
 X onion in the top bar stays yellow, even though Tor is actually connected
 and functional.

 So, all that said, once it gets past these obstacles, it does in fact run
 on a different port at the same time as TBB, which is extremely awesome
 and exciting.

 I'm assigning this bug as a blocker because although Vidalia does work, it
 behaves too unpredictably for me to release packages with this version.
 I'm attaching some screenshots just to make it clear what I'm talking

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