[tor-bugs] #3701 [Torctl]: PyTorCtl shouldn't os.kill() itself

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Thu Aug 11 23:21:52 UTC 2011

#3701: PyTorCtl shouldn't os.kill() itself
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     Type:  defect     |         Status:  new
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Component:  Torctl     |        Version:     
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Comment(by aagbsn):

 Here are some options I've thought of:

 1. Make main thread aware of the child thread state (via signals) and exit
 when appropriate.
   - pro: Could be implemented with a custom signal/handler and os.kill()
 fairly trivially.
   - con: not generic; may require programs that use TorCtl to implement
 signal handling.

 2. Allow BwAuthority to die when TorCtl fails. This has been the default
   - pro: current behavior, requires no change
   - con: BwAuthority dies.

 3. Do not exit BwAuthority when bwauthority_child is killed with SIGTERM.
 (Restart child)
   - pro: trivial to implement
   - con: makes bwauthority a pain to kill, though could modify run_scan.sh
 to use kill -9

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