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#3606: Experiment with change-my-IP interface
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Comment(by runa):

 '''Amazon EC2 public IP ranges'''
 New IP ranges for Amazon EC2 are added all the time (I don't know if they
 ever remove a range). Below is a list of available IP ranges as of
 2011/04/21 (source can be found [http://www.admon.org/amazon-ec2-public-
 ip-ranges/ here]):

 US East (Northern Virginia):

 After booting my instance for the first time, I was assigned I don't know what the full range is, though, but it seems
 that at least one new range was added after 2011/04/21.

 US West (Northern California):

 EU (Ireland):

 Asia Pacific (Singapore):

 Asia Pacific (Tokyo):

 '''Getting a new IP address'''
 Amazon EC2 instances are automatically assigned an IP address at launch
 time. This means that you get a new IP address whenever you launch a new
 instance, or restart an instance that's already running (using stop and
 start in the menu). If you reboot the instance, the IP address stays the
 same. There is no button in the EC2 interface that says "give me a new IP
 address, please". As far as I know, the only way to get a new IP assigned
 to an instance is to stop and start it again.

 The micro instance for Amazon EC2 is the cheapest instance type to get,
 probably because it doesn't have proper storage. In addition, any data on
 the ephemeral storage of a micro instance will be lost when the instance
 is stopped. This includes any data created or generated by Tor since the
 process started. Using a small instance, which has proper storage, will
 cost a lot more per month (and then you'll have the costs of running a
 bridge on top of it all).

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