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#3717: Decide on appropriate mechanism to save current search filters
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 Replying to [comment:1 Sebastian]:
 > Passing search parameters via get queries would definitely be the
 preferred way for me. If this is just stored in a cookie, I can't paste
 links so that others can see the same thing that I see. I'm not sure what
 security aspect there is in this regard here, can you elaborate on that?

 Sure: I'm not sure there is a security aspect at work here, either. The
 point that I meant to make was that if a client has cookies disabled,
 passing the sessionID through a get doesn't seem like it would be too
 different than passing it through a cookie.

 We could certainly pass queries through GETs, though doing this right
 might require a significant reorganization of the website. As TorStatus is
 written now, if a user wants to query the list of Tor relays, and then
 decides that she wants to change the order of the columns, those GET
 queries would be lost upon loading of the Column Preferences page.
 Similarly, if the user defined Column Preferences via GET queries and then
 wanted to add search filters, the GET queries related to the Column
 Preferences would be lost. We could pass the GETs to every page that the
 user visits to remedy this problem, though that might result in some
 pretty nasty URLs.

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