[tor-bugs] #3716 [TorStatus]: Add "hostname" column to index page.

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#3716: Add "hostname" column to index page.
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 Some clients may miss the hostname column from the old implementation of

 Currently, this information is only available on a per-relay basis -- when
 a client views the detail page for a router. When this page is requested,
 the hostname is looked up. It'd be nice to have a hostname column in the
 `cache.active_relay` table so that it could be cheaply displayed in the
 index page. This would also mean that hostnames would not have to be
 looked up whenever a router detail page is requested.

 This should probably be implemented on the database level by keeping a
 table consisting of an `INET`, a `TIMESTAMP`, and a `CHARACTER
 VARYING(255)`, with indexes on the `INET` and `TIMESTAMP`. Then, when the
 join to create the `cache.active_relay` table is performed, we can LEFT
 JOIN that result with the hostname table on the IP addresses. We'd lookup
 hostnames whenever a new IP address is added to the table, whenever we
 have a hostname that more than (interval) old and the IP address is in the
 active_statusentry table, or an IP address is added to the
 active_statusentry table that does not exist in the hostname table. We'd
 delete hostnames that are older than (interval) old.

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