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Wed Aug 10 08:37:50 UTC 2011

#3708: Fix "None" entries in relay list
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Comment(by cypherpunks):

 Replying to [ticket:3708 karsten]:
 > Wendy reports:
 > > A minor bug: attempting to sort the list by Bandwidth (desc) shows
 > > KB/s" at the top of the list, and "0 KB/s" at the bottom, so I don't
 > > a way to show the highest bw nodes at the top.  Where does "None" come
 > > from?  Uptime also has both "None d" and "0 d."
 > I saw this problem, too, but now it's gone.  I could imagine it has to
 do with the database schema being populated more.  Any idea where the
 "None" values come from?

 That's exactly right. "None" is currently the default value for fields
 with null values. In this case, "None" is displayed for fields gathered
 from the descriptor table such as bandwidth, uptime, contact, and
 published. The confusing part about this is that when "DirPort" is
 similarly "None", this means that the relay has opted not to specify a
 DirPort. In templates, Django provides a way to specify default values in
 the case of null values, which seems like a good solution to this problem.

 The sorting problem seems somewhat postgres specific: by default, postgres
 displays null values first in descending sorts. In postgres' flavor of
 SQL, this can be remedied by appending a 'NULLS LAST' to a query with an
 'ORDER BY'. In Django, this could be done with an '.extra' query using the
 'COALESCE' function. However, we shouldn't have more than just a few
 relays on the index page with null descriptor fields.

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