[tor-bugs] #3652 [Tor Client]: Export clock skew opinion as getinfo command

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Thu Aug 4 20:01:51 UTC 2011

#3652: Export clock skew opinion as getinfo command
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 Priority:  major        |      Milestone:  Tor: 0.2.3.x-final
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Comment(by mikeperry):

 Replying to [comment:1 nickm]:
 > Hm.  So as the controller interface reports CLOCK_SKEW events now, it
 seems that there's no notion of "our best estimate of our skew so far".
 Instead, we only report sources that tell us we're skewed; we don't have a
 notion of "the current skew" internally.
 > We could get one, of course.  We currently take skew from:
 >   * Any networkstatus or consensus that comes from the future.
 >   * Any time we connect to an authority (via a netinfo or a directory
 request) and it tells us the correct time.

 Yeah, I'd need something like the latter. Roger mentioned some k of n
 authorities scheme you guys had briefly discussed to get an average
 estimate on the actual current time once drift is detected? Something like
 that would be ideal. The closer we can get our clock-drifted clients to
 the actual current time, the better. for fingerprinting reasons.

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